The Home for the Golden Gays is a non-profit organization. It was established in the mid 1970’s by LGBT rights activist and columnist Justo Justo. He founded a care facility in Pasay for the elderly and homeless gays. At the time of his death in 2012, The Home for the Golden Gays was forcibly closed.  Majority of the original members are now living on the streets without families or a proper income in their old age.

Our advocacy aims to shed light on the rights of the LGBT and break the stigma attached to it.

We need assistance in the following:

a) Outreach programs to spread awareness on the current issues of the LGBT community, including health issues like HIV.

b) Charity work to help feed and shelter elderly and impoverished gay men.

c) Livelihood Workshops for the elderly gays to educate them on how to support themselves.

d) Donors for housing the senior gays.

c) A system where the local community in Manila and the Philippines- can send a small amount to fund our cause.

This year our main goal is to find a home and continue our advocacy as how our founder intended. Through your help we can strengthen the ties of the LGBT community and assist those who need it most.
Home for the Golden Gays
SEC Registration No. CN 200259177



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