Gay retirement in the Philippines

Our vision on Gay Retirement in the Philippines

The issue of retirement is a pressing concern to all. Our vision is to integrate gay people into retirement homes without having to face discrimination. There is a largely untapped market in the Philippines considering it is the most tolerant gay destination in Asia.  The LGBT lifestyle is generally well respected and thrives in bigger cities like Manila and Cebu regardless of it being a predominately Christian country.

The Home for the Golden Gays is a non-profit organization. It was established in the mid 1970’s by LGBT rights activist and columnist Justo Justo. He founded a care facility in Pasay, Manila for the elderly and homeless gays. At the time of his death in 2012, The Home for the Golden Gays was forcibly closed.  Majority of the original members are now living on the streets without families or a proper income in their old age.  Our foundation is living proof that such retirement establishments are necessary to the community.

Regardless of the current circumstances, the Home for the Golden Gays is hoping to find a new home and assist this ignored demographic to promote safe gay retirement in the Philippines. Our goal is to provide gays and lesbians a community that ensures social acceptance for their choice of lifestyle through their old age. The facility is open to locals and foreigners and aims to provide staff and medical care practitioners who understand each retiree’s needs.

It is unfortunate that most people cannot choose the social circle they can age with. Not all families with gay members are as accommodating as we’d like them to be.
There is enough stigma and isolation with being elderly and gay. Through the help of the Philippine Retirement Inc. our foundation is looking for investors within the LGBT community and to those kind souls who would like to help fund this cause.  We also wish to tap into the health care sector, real estate industry, insurance providers, transportation and travel industries and other financial institutions.

The final purpose of the Home for the Golden Gays is to make the Philippines conducive to elderly members of the local LGBT community and a prime destination for foreign gay retiree’s in the near future.


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