Proposed LGBT Retirement Community: Bataan, Philippines

B Bataan 1There is a largely untapped market in the Philippines for LGBT retirement communities- considering it is the most tolerant gay destination in Asia. The Home for the Golden Gays is hoping to find a new home and assist this ignored demographic to promote safe gay retirement in the Philippines. Our vision is to integrate gay people into retirement homes without having to face discrimination.  We want to ensure social acceptance for their choice of lifestyle through their old age. The facility that we plan to create through your help can be offered to locals and foreigners alike. It aims to provide staff and medical care practitioners who understand each retiree’s needs.

We want to provide gays and lesbians a scenic community near the sea that promotes healthy living in one of the most beautiful parts of the Philippines.

The Home for the Golden Gays proposes:

LGBT Retirement Community

Location:         Binuangan, Bagac, Bataan

Lot Area:         47,152 sq.m.

  • Bataan is a province in the Philippines situated in the Central Luzon region. Bataan is bordered by the provinces of Zambales and Pampanga to the north. Its capital is the city of Balanga. The peninsula faces the South China Sea (West Phil. Sea) to the west and Subic Bay to the north-west and encloses Manila Bay to the east.
  • The province has an extensive coastline with 11 municipalities having marine boarders; there are about 14 tertiary parts, 2 of which are classified as national ports namely Port of Mariveles and Port of Orion.
  • The Battle of Bataan is one of the last stands of Filipino and American soldiers before they were overwhelmed by the Japanese in World War II. A beautiful memorial stands in Mount Samat.
  • Near established resorts like Montemar Beach Resort, Anvaya Cove Resort and Nature Club and the famous Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a picturesque destination which highlights old colonial architecture. The houses boast of ornate wood carvings and patterns.

Discover Bagac:

  • Bagac is the biggest town in the province of Bataan in terms of land area covering 16.8% of the total province. The town is rich in agriculture; and aquatic resources.
  • The municipality of Bagac is surrounded by long beaches and sand flats. Ecotourism is one of the main sources of income of its residents.
  • Various religious groups are exercised by the people but Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion comprising 85% of Bataan population.
  • Bagac is primarily an agricultural and aquatic area rich in its bounty. However, it has become popular in the tourism front because of its beautiful coastline and pristine beaches.
  • By sea via ferry from the CCP Terminal in Roxas Blvd. Manila. From the Diosadado Macapagal Ferry Terminal to the Orion port is a convenient 22.5 nautical miles or a short 45minute trip away from the overly crowded city of Manila.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Please get in touch with us on how to become part of this community.


Ramon C. Busa

President – HGGI
109 David St. corner FB Harrison, Pasay
+63 947 693 0516



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